What Is Insert Moulding, And How Can You Know Insert Moulding Is Better For Your Production?

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Like many people, do you want to know what insert molding is? And how is it different from other plastic injection molding processes?  

For getting your answer, you must know all about insert molding and what insert molding is?

It’s a process of molding thermoplastic material for creating a finished product. In a single molding part, we insert molded metals and plastic. We can also use many materials and metals for molding together into the same molding part or cavity. A component may be a single object as a surgical tube or knife.

Which Industries are Using the Insert Moulding Process?

Insert moulding (molding) is an ideal process for parts production. We apply to insert moulding process in many industries such as:

  • Medical
  • Electronics Housing
  • Consumer Product
  • Cooking Ware
  • Handheld Devices
  • Safety & Defence
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Knob & Dials
  • Automotive & Instruments 

How Is Insert Molding Different From Over-Molding And Other Traditional Injection Moulding Processes?

When you talk about the plastic injection moulding procedure. You’d want to know about the insert moulding process? 

Insert moulding is a process to join separate parts for creating a single finished piece. It’s a single step process in which we placed inserts and molten resin in the mold together. We include one or more threaded inserts in the plastic part. In this part, it mates with other parts in an assembly.

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Applying Insert moulding with metal inserts is more effective than other molding methods. With metal inserts, we can reduce the plastic weight and can make it more durable. Plastic doesn’t have the properties for the fastening of two components together. Your part may fail with repeated over-usage. This lack of mechanical support can intensify with the help of metal inserts. For avoiding any insert defects such as melt and distortion in the usage of plastic or metal resins. Make sure that you’re choosing the right material for mechanical and chemical bonding. We also call insert moulding metal insert moulding and metal brass/screw moulding.

Over moulding is a two-step moulding process for the production of a single component. In the over molding process, we mold a plastic layer over and around the mold part. We produce a single article. Over molding can decrease the shock and dampen sound. It also improves UV resistance and lowers the cost of production.

Some product examples of over moulding are:

  1. ❖ Car Steering Wheel
  2. ❖ PCB
  3. ❖ Power Tool
  4. ❖ Hand Tool
  5. ❖ Phones

Insert moulding is the same method as plastic injection moulding. We use the same material and machinery to inject the raw material into the mold. Plastic becomes solidified after cooling. And when the press opens, we get the molded parts.

There are some different steps that we use in the insert moulding process.

1. You must put the metals or material into the plastic mold before starting the procedure.

2. Insert moulding is a single-step process for the manufacturing of products.

3. Molders may use vertical injection molding machines for the creation of products.

4. The use of gravity proves helpful for keeping the mold in its place.

5. In vertical molding machines, we use various bottom mold halves with a single cavity. And other bottoms use for metal and other components.

Some products made with the insert moulding process are as follows:

  • ❖ Syringes
  • ❖ Automobile Air Duct
  • ❖ A Massive Piece Of Equipment
  • ❖ Screw Insert Molded
  • ❖ TPU Insert
  •  ❖ Brass Insert Moulding

How Can You Choose Insert Injection Moulding? And Where You Get The Best Manufacturing Service?

You can choose the best service provider companies in your area. The molding company must have professional and robust engineers and molders. They should have low labor costs and provide you with high-quality products. Insert moulding gives the strength and reliability of your product. It also increases the cost by eliminating the cost for the second operation. This method guarantees you that all parts will be according to your specification.

It also ensures you to get the correct formulation of plastic components. You can request a quote for insert molding manufacturing. Select the verified and authentic moldering company near you. No doubt, China is the most significant and cheapest molding service provider. We get more than 90% of insert moulding parts from China, and you can hire an injection mold maker for your business. Contrast us for the 100% satisfaction of your requirements, and we don’t let you disappoint. 

What Is Inserted Crown Molding, And Where Can You Use It?

Insert crown molding use for the corner block of a room. You don’t need to cut anything.  Install crown insert molding with a flat cut. It gives a beautiful look to your home and office. They’re becoming popular due to their quality material and manufacturing. With the help of crown molding clips, you can adjust crown molding. It saves your money and time and fulfills your requirements.

Why Is Metal Insert Moulding Adopted, And What Are The Benefits Of It?

Metal insert moulding is a process of working with metal. We use to produce individual parts in a single step. We adopted this method in the 1980s.  We mix a powdered metal with binding material for the creation of raw material. After that, we shape it by solidifying it with the injection molding process. In this process, we shape complex components at high volume. We get the final finished parts after removing the binder. These parts use in various industries, and they’re small in size and dimension. MIM is the best method for saving lead time and cost. It also gives a large number of benefits to its manufacturing companies. Metal injection molding (MIM) is one of the effective methods. It is good for the fabrication of complex parts.

What Type Of Material/Inserts Use In The Insert Moulding?

You can use the same material or inserts as a plastic injection moulding procedure. We can use thermoplastic material for this method. Thermoplastic is an eco-friendly material. We can reheat and reuse this material. Thermoplastic has chemical resistance and can provide different properties and variance options. It uses in injection moulding because of its rare type of properties and access to usage. Some thermoplastics are:

  1. ABS thermoplastic
  2. Polyester thermoplastic
  3. Nylon
  4. Polyethylene      

We can use various types of inserts in the insert moulding production. You can place these inserts with hands and machines. Inserts have a threaded surface. It provides good adhesive properties to the moulding plastic. We set the insert in a vertical position and pour the molten resin with slow speed. Thus it keeps the mould in their position. Some inserts are:

  • Brass 
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic
  • Other Plastic 

You can use the inserts for performing various processes. Such as GPR moulding, DMC moulding, injection moulding, and rotational moulding.

You should select the material that performs well. It must have all the unique properties you need for your finished parts.

What Type Of Machinery Is Required For The Insert Moulding Process?

We can use the same machines for insert moulding as we use in the plastic injection production. But many molders also use a vertical injection press for the insert moulding process. They use gravity that helps the insert for keeping in its position. We manufacture vertical machines for plastic moulding and insert injection moulding. These advanced machines have a set of design guidelines. You must follow all the guidelines for the accurate result and formulation of parts. A little mistake may defect your products.

Some machines use in metal and plastic insert moulding are:

❏ Second-hand vertical injection moulding machine

❏ Vertical mold machine

❏ 25-ton injection molding machine

❏ Horizontal and vertical injection moulding machine

❏ Vertical injection molding machine 

❏ Vertical rotary injection molding machine

❏ Wire moulding machine

Make sure you’re purchasing all moulding machinery from a verified and reliable supplier. You can get amazing and unique products with the help of state of the art machinery. Choose a custom insert molder company for the moulding projects. It can give you cost-effective and durable parts.

What Are The Benefits Of The Insert Moulding Process? Why Is This Method Important?

Do you want to know the benefits of insert moulding when you’re considering the insert mold vs over mold?

Plastic injection insert moulding is a very effective method. We use it for combining metal and plastic components. We can blend several materials and components in a single unit. Both over-molding and insert moulding have the same moulding process. Each technique has its benefits depending on their application. Insert moulding provides you with a large variety of benefits and applications. It makes insert moulding an optimal process for manufacturing plastic products.

● Reduce The Size And Weight Of Molded Parts

You can get parts smaller in size and lighter in weight as compared to assembly parts. You don’t need connectors and fasteners. It gives physical strength to the parts. By combining metal inserts, plastic, and resin in a single step. So it’s a better method than other conventional methods of injection moulding.

● More Reliability & Strength

We get more reliable components with insert moulding. Loss parts, misalignments, and improper termination don’t occur in insert moulding. Every part combines in thermoplastic. You get more sturdy and reliable parts as compared to other methods.

● Enhance Design Flexibility

This method offers you more design flexibility and more efficient working for designing. It uses for various commercial and industrial applications. The insert moulding allows you for an unlimited configuration. It’s good for designers and molders. At high volume, metal parts and plastic parts combine. It gives you more reliable parts than assembly parts. 

● Low Labour Cost & Good Finish Products

The insert moulding process is more cost-efficient and cheaper than standard injection machines. Because it performs in one mould step, so it has low labor cost. The consolidation of parts in vertical injection moulding machines also minimizes the cost. It gives the product a good finish and shape.

● Use Commercially & Domestically

We make products with insert moulding that we use domestically and commercially. We also use insert technology for in-mold decorating and in-mold labeling. In this method, we insert the printed film into the mould cavity and inject resin against the film. We finally get durable and cost-friendly decorative parts.

Do you want a certified and authentic insert moulding company? Contact us and get a free quote for your services.

To conclude

Insert injection moulding is the best alternative to the production method. In which we insert mould in a single cavity. It’s an advanced moulding process to get a better and cost-effective product. This method makes sure that you can get lightweight and sturdy products. We use insert mould technology for the creation of complex and compact products. Insert mold design guidelines, and some consideration must follow for better results. It’ll be better for the maintenance and production of parts. So you can get all the beneficial effects of insert molding manufacturing.


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