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Who We Are.

CavityMold Founded in 2002, It is a professional company integrating plastic injection mold design and manufacturing, mold precision parts processing, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Since the establishment of the company, there are more than 80 employees and the plant area is more than 5000 square meters.

We have successfully manufactured the plastic injection mold for European and American customers every year. And has been supported by regular customers. Our mission is to create high quality and Competitive price molds and plastic parts for our customers. Since 2008, we have been producing low-cost plastic injection molds and plastic parts, as well as CNC machining / rapid prototyping. Do you have any plastic injection mold or plastic parts to order? Please send your requirements to us. 


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Quality Policy

We have a strong design team with 5 to 15 years of design experience. More than 200 sets of mold parts are designed for American and European customers every year.

Quality is not just about making acceptable parts for customers. It’s connected to every aspect of the company’s operations, from receiving orders from customers to shipping finished products. We believe that high-quality service makes our customers believe that their products will be effectively and efficiently produced. Good transportation practices ensure that customers don’t have any accidents: they know where their products are in transit, they know they will be on time – as promised.



Our factory is an ISO 9001 registered company as part of our continuous improvement program for high-quality manufacturing and technical support to our customers.

The management of Cavitymold, Inc. defines and introduces a documented quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 according to the following eight quality management principles:

1. Customer satisfaction and feedback;

2. The realization degree of quality objectives;

3. Disqualification and corrective measures;

4. Leadership and commitment

5. Involvement of people

6. System approach

7. Ability

8. Communicate

Meet Our Clients

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We have more than 50 customers all over the world. This is the customer accumulated slowly since the establishment of our factory. CavityMold has been striving to improve the quality and delivery time of molds. So our mold customers are very stable.

Our factory is equipped with well-educated technicians, including project manager, mold designer, quality technician, mold manufacturer, and injection molding machine operator. Our plastic injection mold and mold manufacturing equipment includes a variety of CNC milling machines as well as wire and probe EDM machines, which can produce molds of almost any size and complexity, and use up to 1200 tons of machines for injection molding.

We can provide a real-time quotation and project management system, which has become an innovator in the plastic injection molding industry and can provide parts to customers more quickly. It is faster and easier than ever to get quotations for injection molds, plastic molded parts and CNC processed plastic parts. We are happy to provide you with an instant quotation and quick turnover for your next customized plastic injection molding or CNC processing project.

CavityMold, Inc. is committed to meeting the challenges and service needs of our wide range of customers, including:

Commercial nursery
Medical industry

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