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A bit about the plastics production industry in China. China is one of the largest producers of plastic products. Today, the plastic industry in China has a long history. In the past, the plastic factory was established with the assistance of the government. So finding a good plastic manufacturer is something we need to consider.

If you want to find a good mold factory from China, what problems maybe?

Anyone would like to choose from China as the mold factory’s choice, because the price there may be greatly reduced, and now China has the ability to manufacture molds from low to high standards. At the same time, if you are not familiar with China, it will be a difficult task to find reliable suppliers from China. However, if you know the right way, this task is not as difficult as you think.

So, how do you evaluate Chinese mold manufacturers and find the right one? The following questions can be consulted, for example:

1. What is the size of your company and the number of employees?

2. Do you have your own manufacturing process or outsource it?

3. Do you have ISO9000 or other certificates?

4. Do you have quality assurance?

5. What if your delivery is delayed?

6. Should we make the mold our property?

7. Do you have any clients I can ask for a reference?

8. Do you have experience in using similar products, can you send samples?

9. What is your delivery time?

10. What’s your price?

11. How much does the transportation cost?

How do we judge the quality of mold manufacturers?

So, what is a good mold manufacturer or suitable for you?

First, you need to find mold manufacturers who show real interest in your project. Those who will always respond quickly and provide you with very detailed information and great patience and courtesy. It will take some time to observe.

Secondly, since you are working with distant suppliers, smooth communication is essential. This includes not only email, telephone communications, but also the exchange of your ideas through text, pictures, and videos. Have an experienced engineer to understand your idea.

Third, mold manufacturers need to be knowledgeable and detail-oriented. He should know the key points to complete your product and meet your quality requirements.

Fourth, mold manufacturers should have experienced design engineers, so that the early stage can reduce the subsequent processing problems caused by design experience problems.

Fifth, you need to explain to Chinese manufacturers/factories that they can only use molds to produce your products, not your molds or mold designs to produce any products for third parties.

Sixth, you need to ensure that if you want to transfer the mold to another factory at any time, the receiving factory will have the right to receive the mold, and you are free to move it to the new location.

Why would they keep your mold?

Chinese manufacturers have a strong incentive to keep your molds and prevent foreign buyers from moving to new locations or factories. In many cases, the mold embodies most or all of the intellectual property rights of the product.

Without intellectual property protection, Chinese factories can copy what they see fit.

In this case, the mold embodies all the intellectual property rights of the parts. In short, no matter who owns or controls the intellectual property rights in the mold, it is basically complete control of the product, so you can understand why this is a key aspect of mold manufacturing in China.

To sum up, it is time to discuss the most important thing to consider when choosing a good mold manufacturer.


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