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injection molding of pmma


Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylic is a well-established thermoplastic. It has come to be well known in the plastic industry. It is a good choice for clear plastic products. Often as a replacement for glass. At first sight, a clear PMMA product resembles glass. You’d have to know a bit more than average to differentiate between PMMA, Polycarbonate, and glass. Where polycarbonate is too expensive PMMA serves as a good alternative. This is true for parts where the properties of polycarbonate are not necessary. Examples of such are jewelry, plaques, aquariums, windows, and display pieces. The common term for glass

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Injection Molding Quality Control

All You Need to Know About Plastic Injection Molding Quality Control

Imagine living in a world where we do not fear quality. What if we all had a fearless reaction to the phrase quality. Imagine what you can do if you took on your work with your perspective of quality. We have different opinions of quality; to some, it is giving the best products and services. Others will argue that quality is resistance to compromise. In the end, we need to make quality our priority and part of our life. It is time we come to terms with the fact that the smallest actions can birth dire consequences. If we resist

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What Are Plastic Mold Texture And How Is It Textured

Plastic Mold Texture: What Is Plastic Mold Texture And How Is It Textured?

Plastic parts have a significant array of appearance and texture. Plastic mold texture use for various purposes. Plastic mold surface textures are now more in demand as they catch the attention of everyone. You can get it with a surface finish that gives a specific look. It’s a critical factor for the performance of your product. To get your required surface texture and finishing, it’s necessary to know. What plastic mold texture is and how to texture plastic? It’ll be helpful for you to choose mold texturing companies. What is Plastic Mold Texture? Texture also refers to graining, a process

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How To Improve Injection Mold Jetting


Injection molding has the potential to achieve efficient and fast plastic part manufacturing. Identical parts get made in repeated cycles without defects. Thus leading to very good profit margins. When everything goes well injection mold can be a very rewarding and pleasant process to run. Emphasis on “when everything goes well”. Getting the full benefit of injection molding requires skill and experience. Good time and process management. As well as technical skill and experience with injection molding. So your investment does not end with purchasing machines and tools. You must also invest expertise to get a good return on invested

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Lifter Design For Plastic Injection Mold


Injection molding is the industry’s choice for the manufacturing of plastic products. The process makes it easy to manufacture thousands to millions of identical products. It does this in reproducible cycles with cycle times within seconds. It gets used for large and small products that get used in all industries. As the demand for plastic products has grown, so has the complexity of the designs. The plastic in pellet or granular forms passes through the barrel. They get mixed and melted by the screw then injected into the mold. The mold is an important feature in the injection molding machine.

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Ejector Pin Marks


Injection-molded parts are often parts to sell as a brand new product. Customers expect manufactured goods to look perfect. The injection molding process by design should give perfect molded products. But in manufacturing, a few things go wrong leading to imperfections in the product. In a world where customers have thousands of product brands to choose from. Your product has only a few seconds to convince a customer. For products such as phone cases, food containers, aesthetics are important. Slight marks and imperfections in food products give the impression of unhygienic. In products like phones that have become fashion items,

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Injection Mold Cycle Times


Around 32kg out of every 100kg of plastics processed globally uses injection molding. This makes injection molding an important manufacturing process. The success of injection molding lies in the efficient management of time. Failure in time management affects profit and can lead to losses. This can be a financial loss due to low production output. It can also be a loss of materials and tools due to damage. Timing is very important in injection molding. Time translates to money in manufacturing and injection molding epitomizes this. It is even more so in more complex injection molding systems. Where even a

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Mold Manufacturer In China


When searching for mold manufacturers, it is important to understand the market dynamics. You can find different categories of mold manufacturers. Some got funded by foreign investors or Taiwanese investors. They could also be Hong Kong-owned businesses or from other regions in China. In most cases, you want a mold that is custom made for your specific product. So there isn’t the option of picking a ready-made mold off the shelf. Neither can you click on a website and see mold prices listed. You will find some websites offering ready-made mold from mold makers in China. But these are for

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Flow Mark In Injection Moulding


When the injection molding process runs well, it can all seem so straight forward. In reality, to ensure that every product comes out of the process a success takes a lot of skill and knowledge. When in the hands of inadequate expertise, a lot can go wrong. Many defects can occur in injection molding. Minimizing the occurrence of these defects is key to getting the best out of your machine. The plastic product market is becoming more competitive. Consumers today are more informed and have more options. They demand spotless products which are no short of aesthetic perfection. Defects in

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Plastic Injection Molding Cost


The mold is a major investment for plastic product manufacturers. It can mean a large fraction of the total cost of an injection molding machine. To begin with, let us first differentiate between price and cost. When we say the price, that refers to the quote you get given by the mold maker. It is the price for the service charge and materials needed to build the mold. You know this would be what you pay to get your mold made. Now the cost is the price you have to pay to get the mold to function. That is for

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