Disadvantages Of Injection Moulding

Disadvantages Of Injection Molding 1

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There are some disadvantages of injection moulding.

Not Fit For Low Volume

This method is suitable for large production volumes. It’s an ideal process for large production.

It’s not good for small productions. For small quantities and low volume articles, plastic prototyping techniques are the best. You can get your products in less time with this method.

Due to the tools required and the testing; upfront cost is high. You get your parts after a long setup. It has a long process for making products. So the cost of injection moulding is higher than other methods. It makes the design in three-phase:

  • Make a prototype of the article
  • Design of the mould for duplicate
  • Designing and preparation of parts
  • Finally, injection moulds the components.

This difficult process makes it costly to produce products for small manufacturers.

2: Hard To Change

As we know, tools made with aluminium and steel. They’re hard for changes. It can make it difficult for making new changes. Tool cavity makes larger by cutting away aluminium and steel. Then we can add plastic, but this method is very tough when we have to take away plastic. We need to add metal in the tool cavity. In this way, we can decrease the size of the tool cavity. This process is very hard and costly. The cost depends on the size and weight of the article. How large an article it will be more costly.

3: Size Limitations

You can’t inject all parts in injection moulding if they’re a single one. Tools and machines have different size limitations. It’s not possible to inject every piece into machines and tools. 3D printers also have size limitations. You can’t use injection moulding for single articles. It’ll be costly for you.

4: More Restrictions & Requirements

You must follow some guidelines and rules to get good quality products. It’s not an easy task to create high consistency in the parts. Wall thickness should be uniform. If you want an undefective and good article. You need to regulate the cooling process. It will also help prevent sink marks. Wall thickness should be under 4 mm for a good result. Use of material will increase if you will increase more than 4 mm. It’s a good idea to keep it on this level. You can create cost-effective products in this way. Draft angles are best for demoulding.

Negative aspects are less, but you must be aware of them. It proves helpful for making your decision. You can estimate which method is good for you. In which process, you have fewer chances to pay more? Are you choosing the best method for your products?

Considering all cons of this method you can get the best output result. You also achieve your goal of good quality.

Why Should You Follow Guidelines For Plastic Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding uses for large volume articles. You can get more advantages to using this method. By following guidelines and rules, you can achieve good quality products. You can accommodate more variation. With the help of guidelines, you can get a better injection moulding window and quality. It’s good to make sure of all possible requirements. It will help in gaining consistency and quality.

Some factors which can affect the quality of articles are as following:

  • Perimeter of process
  • Design of the mould
  • Injection moulding machine
  • Plastic articles design

Guidelines are better to follow for the easy creation of injection mould. You can enhance the quality and result of production. It’ll decrease expenditures and will be effective in getting cheap products.


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