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Injection moulding is one of the leading industries all over the world. China is a prominent exporter of injection moulding globally. China’s moulding industry has grown into a large industry. It has become a progressive and reliable industry leader in moulding worldwide. China mould manufacturing companies take pride in offering superior quality products. They perform their work with dedication, commitment, and a high level of expertise.

What are the prominent features of China’s injection moulding?

Injection moulding manufacturing in China has gained its stable position. It is because of its high standardization, professionalism, and cost-effective rate. Now China is providing injection moulding services around the year. China is making no compromise of its quality. The advantages you can get by working with China plastic injection mold makers are:

● The price of china injection moulds is less than European and other global companies. The price is 30-60% less than other injection moulding companies in the world.

● China injection molding companies are at their best in the injection moulding industry. The extensive knowledge and quality products make them more prominent than other suppliers.

● China moulding provides you flexibility at every step. Except for the manufacturing, China moulds manufacturing companies also offering other services. Some services are producing high volume mass moulds, custom plastic injection moulding.  They provide you wide range of plastic injection moulding parts on a friendly budget.

● You can get injection moulds at a short delivery time, depending on the size and complexity of the mould.

For a successful business project, you must know all the basic features of moulding. So, we are providing you with basic information about china injection moulding. It will be helpful for future business strategies of your business.

What is injection moulding?

A manufacturing process that allows parts production in large volume refers to Injection moulding. It uses for the mass production of unlimited identical items. It works by injection molten material into a mould.

More than 85,000 plastic materials use for mold production. It includes glass, metal, confection, elastomers, thermosetting polymer, and thermoplastic. These materials use mostly for injection moulding.

Injection moulding material combines to get different effects and properties of mould parts.

Polymers can classify into two groups:

1. Thermosets polymers

2. Thermoplastics polymers

HDPE (high-density polyethene) and LDPE (low-density polyethene) are the most common types. We use it for plastic production. These have the characteristics of recyclability, strong impact resistance, and good flexibility.

You can find various types, and each type has its pros and cons. Mould engineers and companies need to well aware of these differences. The various methods provide to you Plastic can use for the different items. For each application, you need specific methods that can fulfil the specifications. The type of methods you are choosing should be best for your application. Let have a look at some moulding types and theory benefits they offer.

What are the different types of China plastic moulding according to its specification?

1: Rotational moulding

It is suitable for hollow, one-piece large parts such as tanks. The rotational moulding process can use for rotational movement. It has a high temperature for the mould coating and formation of parts. It is a very cost-effective method. It uses for the manufacturing of various applications. It proves a cheaper and slow-moving process as compared to other moulding processes. Less material wastage and reuse of waste material make this process eco-friendly. It is the best for sizeable hollow container and one-piece parts manufacturing.

2: Compression moulding

The compression method is very suitable for the manufacturing of large parts. It is also best for high-strength compounds, such as like fibreglass, thermosetting resin, and reinforced glass. You place a heated plastic material in the mould and compress it into shape. You may get in bulk and sheets. We use the best quality material for this process. It makes it one of the suitable methods for the automotive industry.

3: Blow moulding

It has similar manufacturing steps as you can find in glass blowing. It is suitable for hollow parts and the manufacturing process of high volume objects. To produce thin-walled parts and bottles, you may find this method the best methods.

4: Injection moulding

It is a versatile moulding method and suitable for high volume and high-quality parts. You can use a wide range of materials for this method. It produces small and large parts with high precision and quality. Moreover, you can get your required structure and finish. It proves cost-effective for the production of bulk components.

What types of plastic use for injection mould manufacturing?

Plastics that are most useful in injection moulding are the following:

1. Polycarbonate (PC)

Have good dimensional stability and good heat resistance. Besides, it has low shrinkage and gives a high cosmetic finish. PC is available in various optical transparent grades.

2. Polyoxymethylene (POM)

It has high stiffness,   strength, and toughness. It is excellent resistant to organic solvents and hydrocarbons. POM is also naming acetal. It also provides beneficial applications and has good elasticity and lubricity.

3. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

ABS is impact-resistant Plastic with good resistance to bases and acids. It also has high dimensional stability and offers low shrinkage rates. As a result, it uses for various applications.

4. Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK)

PEEK is high performance and high-temperature resin. It has good chemical resistance and strength. It also provides heat resistance, dimensional stability, and flame retardancy.

5. Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

It provides high gloss and scratch resistance. PMMA also names acrylic and has optical properties.   It also has low shrinkage and less sink for the geometries.

6. Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

Its strength range varies and can be moderate to high depending on the materials. We use it to make unfilled grade and flexibility. It can’t absorb flavour and shows fats, solvents, and fuels oils. It has sound electrical that makes PBT an ideal component. It is one of the best for power components and automotive applications.

How to select a service for China plastic injection mould manufacturing?

Many qualified injection moulding companies are competing with each other to win projects. The selection process can be complex for you, so it will be helpful to know the best method. You have to select a method to choose efficient and reliable China injection mould makers. Some main points you should keep in mind are:

● You can verify your specifications of mould life. You can get the lead time, the price, the gate, the surface finish, and the shipment charges.

● If you want to get information about mould shrinkage, feed system, and properties. Ask DFM to report to your injection moulding service provider.

You can check if it fits your specifications. Make clear all information before placing your order.

● You should review the mould quality system. You can get a reference from past certified customers.

● After confirming PO and DFM, you can ask the moulding company to send a Moldflow analysis. It will be according to mould designing to check warpages and flowability.

● Every week mould maker can send you a tooling plan. You can also get hardness and steel quality to check mould quality if you need it.

● You can get moulding trial reports, videos, and samples. You can get it from your selected China injection moulding company.

● Before delivery and shipment, the moulding company can send you spare parts reports. It will also send you technical documents and electrodes.

You should contact a moulding supplier in your region. You can check the online mould supplier China Company. If you want to get high-quality parts for injection moulding services. Some dominated regions for injection mould production are:

1. Zhejiang

2. Guangdong

3. Jiangsu

4. Shanghai

How much does China Injection Moulding Cost?

Various factors involve China’s injection mold cost. You have to consider all these factors before starting your project. Like material, design complexity, the resin, size, cavity & volume, cycle time, and temperature. You can use the following formula to calculate the china mould cost.

China mould costDesign+ material cost+ VAT+ process & profit+ try out   cost+ shipment charges+ packing

You may be costly large and complex moulds $80,000, or it will cost you more than this rate. For single and small mould, you have to pay at least $ 1,000-$5,000. But it is not the fixed rate for the china injection mould. Moldmakers suppliers have different rates. Their rates are according to the requirements of their customers’ needs and specifications. At least 15-30% of the total cost will be material and past costs. An average mould cost will be in the range of $12,000.

Injection moulding can prove expensive if you don’t know the injection moulding process. You must know different ways to reduce injection moulding costs. Some proven ways use for the cost reduction are:

● Reduce cosmetic finish & drop undercut

● Design self-mate part & Remove unnecessary features

● Modification of mould & reuse existing mould

● Use a multi-cavity & Use a core cavity.

● Consider part sizes & check DFM analysis.

What type of manufacturing is China injection moulding, and how long does a mould last?

You can find different variations in the china injection moulding process. Some of these are the following:

  • 1. Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • 2. Liquid silicone rubber injection moulding
  • 3. Metal injection moulding & Cube moulding
  • 4. Microinjection moulding & Die-casting
  • 5. Thin-wall injection moulding & Reaction injection moulding

The life expectancy of China mould and its measurements

You must be well aware that plastic injection moulding is not a cheap and unimportant task for you. You have to invest a significant amount in injection mould manufacturing. It is necessary to know how long your mould lasts and how you can extend its longevity.

Like other things of nature, it is also unpredictable to give an exact life span of china injection mould. Its life and longevity depend on many factors. You must know all these factors for its maintenance and long service life.

The life span of china mould can measure with the help of the expected number of cycles.  Cycles can use for the assessment of mould production.

According to the SPI, mould life can classify by its life expectancy.

Mould   classThe life   expectancy of mould
Class 101More than 1,000,000 cycles
Class 102Less than 1,000,000 cycles
Class 103Under 500,000 cycles
Class 104Less than 100,000 cycles
Class 105Less than 500 cycles

What factors are involved in mould life expectancy?

There are a lot of factors involved in the life expectancy of China mould. Some main factors are the time between the production runs, cycle time. The material used to manufacture mould and operational conditions are also affect life expectancy. All these factors play a vital role in the life span of china injection mould.

Less time between the runs means the short life expectancy of your mould.  A longer cycle time means a long life expectancy. Mould cycle times also depend on its design, thickness of the wall, and design complexity.

Operating conditions in which you use mould also affect the life of the mould. The material used for the production of china mould also affects its service life. Some material is prone to last for a long time. On the other side, some material does not prove good for the longevity of mould.

Proper cleaning and maintenance also prove effective for enhancing mould life. China mould manufacturing companies also provide you with complete help.  You can get a maintenance guide. You can contact your mould maker supplier to get any information. It will help you with how to maintain and clean mould.


Injection moulding manufacturing in China provides you with excellent quality products. It has better quality as compared to other companies. But you can also get a lot of benefits by outsourcing with china mould makers. China is the powerhouse for injection moulding production. It provides you with production support and helps your design selection. It also assists you in the manufacturing process and engineering samples. It means from the step of order placing to product delivery. China mould makers surpass their competitors in the field. Get in touch with one of the best China mold makers to get unlimited advantages. Such as cost reduction and more output production and profit.


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