Injection Mold Check List

Table of Contents

Mold appearance and dimension

  1. The water connector type is correct? The hole clearance for the water connector is enough? The out edge of the hole needs chamfered and be constant.
  2. Mark the water lines with ‘IN,’ OUT’, and numbered clearly and tidily. e.g.INT1,OUT1.
  3. Oil connector or pneumatic connector need be numbered with prefix “O” or “G”,e.g. G IN1, O IN1.
  4. The screw thread of the water plug, oil plug, and gas plug meets the Tooling datasheet.
  5. Are there any components outside the mold surface? If so, the standoff should be installed.
  6. Do KO pattern and size meet requirements?
  7. The fixing style and diameter of the Locating ring meet the Tooling datasheet.
  8. Sprue bushing sphere radius must meet the Tooling datasheet.
  9. Mould’s overall size needs to meet the customer’s press( tie bar space), and the clamping method meets the customer’s requirement?
  10. An arrow with “UP” marked should be engraved in the cavity plate or core plate for those molds for which installing direction is required.
  11. All the components need to be numbered. And standard mold datum should be engraved. (provided by cavitymold)
  12. All the components are not allowed to be made in the house, Otherwise, the detailed checking report should be submitted to cavitymold.
  13. Correct steel should be used, the steel certification need be submit cavitymold.
  14. Screw thread for all the connector need be correct including eyebolts hole, K.O. hole.
  15. No sharp edge,corner and burr outside the mold.
  16. Oil groove should be used for wear plate,and groove design meets customer’s spec.
  17. There should be hardness discrepancy between shut-off parts, and it must meet customer’s requiremnet.
  18. Is the dowel pin necessary for Slide Gib?
  19. Side locks are purcharsed and installed correctly?
  20. cycle Counter to be installed as mold design drawing.
  21. Vent slot should be made for guide bush.
  22. dustproof sheet is needed?
  23. The slides are assembed and fitcavitymold well?
  24. PL vent should be designed and cut. Is the PL vent suitable to part and cut direct to part area?
  25. Clearance space should be desinged and manufactured in the area beyond part wall. No grinding machine to blue in.
  26. Sprue bushing need be Ok and no breaking.

Ejection, Return, Pull system and Removing

  1. Ejecting smoothly, No get stick, no special sound.
  2. Lifter surface need be polish,lubricate slot need be manufactured, and heat or nitride treatment need be done (according to customer’s requirement).
  3. Guide pin and Guide bush of A & B plate and ejector plate shuld meet customer’s requirement.
  4. Lifter design must accord with cavitymold standard unless otherwise specified.
  5. irregular ejector pin must be loca cavitymold.
  6. Ejecting plate shoud return completely.
  7. Space block with flat surface need be used for ejecting stroke.
  8. Return spring need be standard component, No polish,no split.
  9. The material for lifter, wedge block and gib need be heat-treacavitymold or Nitride treacavitymold, It meets customer’s requirement?
  10. Install limited switch for slide or hydraulic cylinder.
  11. Slide or lifter stroke must be enough to meet requiremnt.
  12. Ejector pins need be standard,No pillow is allowed under the pin shoulder.
  13. Need to stamp mark of ejector number in both ejector pin and ejector plate.
  14. Top surface for return pin need be flat without weld;Neither Pillow nor weld is allowed in the bottom surface.The holes’s clearance need be 0.07mm.
  15. The clearance between return pin and B plate&ejector plate should accord with cavitymold standard, ( Note: for B plate, 0.07mm)
  16. The clearance between ejector guide pin and B plate would be 0.05mm unless otherwise specified.(Accord with cavitymold design standard).
  17. Part removal must be smooth.
  18. Runner stripper plate goes smoothly with enough stroke.
  19. Need inspect the steel dimensions and steel check report need be provided.

Cooling System

  1. Cooling system need be tooled according to drawing with smooth circuit.
  2. The seal for water line need be reliable; No leak; Sealing tape (Teflon) need be used.
  3. The flow for cooling is suitable? Flow metre need be used and flow value need be recorded.
  4. Cooling manifold need be installed correctly according to customer’s requirement.
  5. Water baffle should be according to cavitymold requirement.(As DME standard)
  6. If the seal ring is needed, cutting groove for seal ring is according to drawing?

Cold Runner System

  1. Internal surface of sprue bushing must be polished to drawing standard.
  2. Runner channel must be polished to drawing standard.
  3. The shape and size for runner channel need meet customer’s requirement, The steel check report for gate must be provided by shop.
  4. Is there Balance layout for runner and same size for gates on multi-cavity mold? Short-shot must be tescavitymold for multi-cavity mold.

Hot Runner System

  1. The wiring layout numbered correspondingly is suitable? And it should be easy to repair.
  2. Hot runner type must be correct and be inspeccavitymold prior to arrival at the shop.
  3. The assigned type and size of sockets need be specified with protective setting installed.
  4. Is there protecting equipment for connector box installed mold external surface?
  5. The wiring need match the drawing provided by shop.
  6. Wires need be bundled and covered by plate to avoide breaking.
  7. Connectors need be marked clerarly to avoid assembling wrongly when both size are same.
  8. Control wire need protective cover,and No any damage.
  9. Wires exposed outside the mold surface is not allowed.
  10. The transition slot to allow the wire in the plate and manifold need be round to avoide any damage.
  11. Is there insulating plate for mold? If no, it has been approved by customer?

Mold Packing

  1. Steel type,certification and heat-reat must meet customer’s requirement.
  2. Spread antirust in cavity and core.
  3. Spread butter in sliding components.
  4. Saftey locks(at least 2 pcs) should meet desining requirement. And rest hole should be made.
  5. The files in CD are full? (see item E-9 in “project process flow”)
  6. Is there any special requirment for mold exterior surface?
  7. Spare parts are full? And a detailed list need be provided.
  8. Mold need be packed in plastic membrane when shipment.
  9. Spread mold # with lacquer and marked the direction of placement.
  10. Wooden box need be fixed firmly.
  11. All the things in the packing list need be full.


  1. No mentioned item can be refered to customer require.
  2. Each item must be checked one by one before shipment. The mold will be regarded as unqualified if cavitymold project leader doesn’t approve it.
  3. Please fill each item according to the facts. cavitymold will reserve the rights of deducting modification charge or whole payment when any problem list cavitymold in the checklist is found.
  4. Please contact the project manager, if the supplier has any questions about this item list.

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